That time when I made a particularly good investment

  • My commitment to creating a set rhythm for my body, by waking and sleeping (or at least attempting to) at the same time each day.
  • Removing caffeine from my world has massively impacted the way I sleep and rest, and my ability to connect to myself enough to know when I am exhausted. It used to mask all that and I used to feel like I was propelled by rocket fuel (happily I have since learnt that I am haha, but now it’s facilitated by rest and plants).
  • Having a cut off point for screen time and allowing myself some peaceful time before I start to wind down to sleeping.
  • Keeping my bedroom as a place of rest, not a place of work. That’s really important, to make the room itself a place your brain associates with rest.
  • The intoxicating feeling of being fully present and alert as often as possible.
  • The quality of mood that I am able to bring to each interaction.
  • The resilience to the stresses of day to day live that I’ve been able to build up.
  • The beauty of waking up naturally most days around the time of my alarm.



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Ruth Penfold

Ruth Penfold

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